YOUR NAME HERE is a five-piece band from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. We play for dances, parties, events, building demolitions, mass arrests, grand openings, public expressions of affection and, well, stuff like that.

Collectively the members of YOUR NAME HERE have over 9,000 years of experience, or at least look like they do, playing various types of pop/rock music while simultaneously spinning colorful beach balls on their noses like trained seals (uh, we're lying about the beach-ball part, but the "music" part is pretty close to the truth).  Some of the tunes we do are listed here.  Some warning signs of Psoriatic Arthritis are listed here, for no good reason whatsoever.

You can click on the "LISTEN"  link on the left (say that three times fast!), and, if you hold your elbows in just the right fluttering-duck position, hear us play a few of your old favorites, or soon-to-be-old favorites, or even stuff you can't stand but have to admit it's got a catchy beat or hook or something.

If you would like us to play for your mud-wrestling tournament, Frisbee-dog festival or hamster-eating contest, or whatever else you're planning, you can email us directly from this site or call us at the "contact" number, which actually sounds the alarm bell at a fire station in north Mesquite but they've promised to call us right away when that happens.

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Balloons not included.