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Mark Bennett (lead guitar, MIDI magic, vocals, emergency soldering) is actually a classically-trained wireless-network specialist, but just try to play Steely Dan with a Cisco router and some yagi antennas; it can’t be done.  So he uses a Fender Stratocaster instead.  And a bunch of other gee-whiz electronic doodads none of the rest of us understand.  To hear some of Mark’s original guitar works, click here.  To hear the sound of a duck farting, click here.


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Jock (piano, synth, vocals, rhythm guitar, ocarina, power-steering pump) balances incipient lounge-lizard tendencies with a fine sense of the absurd, and is learning to play well with others in return for such rewards as, well, beer.  With his eleven-octave range, Jock can hit notes only audible by dogs, or women who resemble them.  When someone gets the stupid idea to play “stump the band,” we leave Jock alone onstage, because he knows every rock song ever written, even the really, really terrible ones.


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Barbara (flute, vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, fruit-looking-things-full-of-BB’s) is at heart a folkie and writes and performs her own country-folk songs, some of which are posted here.  Barbara is also sort of our in-house agent and if you email us, she will be the one you hear from.  She also wants to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to all the adoring fans who have sent her gifts of used underwear, but hey, most of it doesn’t fit.


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Brett (bass guitar, goat-roping, onstage lounging) is the newest and youngest member of YNH, replacing Steve, who was disappointed we wouldn’t play any “death metal” so he could use the plastic fangs that were on sale after Halloween to attract girls.  Brett ensures us an adoring audience of testosterone-fueled young men who don’t really give a damn what we’re playing.


larryphoto.jpg (24174 bytes)Larry (drums, vocals, inopportune flatulence) provides comic relief, well, just by looking like he does.   He is the author of several articles on speaker-building here, as a result of which our equipment is better-known than we are, and although he is single, has recently written a bunch of really sick songs about killing your spouse, which none of the rest of us will stoop to perform but some of the lyrics are here.