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These eight ditties were recorded in the bathtub at Larry’s house in early 2003 using Pro Tools LE, a case of tongue depressors, a huge vat of cinnamon-flavored chili and the economy size of Vicks Vaporub.  These are in .MP3 format, so you will need the ability to play MP3’s on your computer, or else an extremely vivid imagination.  Click the name of  the song and wait for it to download – about 10 seconds with a fast connection, and 2.3 years via dial-up:

NO MATTER WHAT – the Badfinger classic, featuring Jock remembering all the words in textbook order.

ONLY TWO HEARTS – generic rockabilly, vocals by Barbara, underwear by Jones of New York.

TUESDAY AFTERNOON – Jock’s vocals, Barbara’s flute, the Moody Blues classic for those who remember LSD.

CINNAMON GIRL – Mark and Jock get dirty on this Neil Young rocker.  Vocals by, well, everybody.

DRIFT AWAY – Mark and Jock do an old Dobie Gray song.  Actually the only Dobie Gray song anyone can remember.

BROWN SUGAR – Larry imitates someone with a throat cold, badly needing the Heimlich maneuver.

ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY – the John Prine ballad, Barb gets to play folkie, Mark gets to play Chet Atkins.

FIRE ESCAPE – Larry and Jock cover this instantly-forgettable Fastball ditty.